1. LASH INTEGRITY - Your natural lash health is my top priority! This means that I will only place
extensions that are the appropriate weight and length for your lashes. Many times this is not what you
are used to from previous artists. Sometimes we have to choose between long or full. Long AND full is
just not everyone’s reality :) Please respect this! If you demand what you cannot have, I will cancel your
appointment. As the professional, I also reserve the right to make a new decision during your time with
me as a client for what your lashes can handle. Yay happy lashes!

2. BOOKING WITH ME ONLINE - Square will require a card to hold your appointment.
• This is not your deposit. Your card WILL NOT BE CHARGED. It holds your card info so it can be
charged a cancellation fee if necessary. 

3. CANCELLATION POLICY - Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance. Text
and email reminders are sent out 3 days before your appointment. I understand that sickness and
emergencies come up but I cannot allow any exceptions. Don’t come sick!! If appointments are missed
or cancelled late, then 50% of service payment is required and will be charged. If you need to change
your service to a different one, such as a removal, I require 24 hours notice or you will still be charged
for your existing appointment! If you buy 2 hours of my time you have to pay for 2 hours

4. PAYMENT - I do not take checks! I do take cash and cards, but I do NOT CARRY CHANGE and square does add on a 2.75% fee for me :(

5. PARKING - It can be hard to find parking downtown, PLEASE account for this time, there is a 4 hour parking lot and street parking.

6. LATE ARRIVALS - If you arrive more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes showing up at 15 minutes over and then still needing to wash your lashes. Nope! I need to have you laying down ready to go no later than 15 minutes into your appointment.

7. VISITORS - Children and pets are not permitted as they may be a safety hazard. Please do not bring in visitors with you to your appointment. I DO have a waiting area in the main salon for any visitors that are old enough.

8. CLEAN EYES - Please arrive with squeaky clean lashes. EXTENSIONS WILL NOT ADHERE TO DIRTY LASHES. They will end up falling off the very next day. Or they will fall right back off as I’m applying them and will make your fill impossible. 

• No makeup (foundation, shadow, oils) on: Eyelid, under eyes and temples. Makeup else wear is just fine! Bronze and brow slay away! 

• A lash bath station is in my studio for you if you need to clean them before to your appointment. 

9. WASH LASHES DAILY - What happens if you don’t clean every day? You have layers build up that cannot be cleaned off in one day - we will have to reschedule! 

• Buildup of skin/dirt/oils will SUFFOCATE your lashes and they will DIE. They will fall out prematurely and if this continues, if they grow back, they will be weak and frail. 

• If your natural lashes are dying (which can happen very quickly) I will stop all fills and put you on a break. 

• If you come in with layers of buildup I literally CAN’T fill on you. The lashes I place will fall right back off. I’ll have to cancel your appointment! 

• MEGA LASH CLIENTS: Mega lashes get weighed down MEGA FAST and you will cause damage to your natural lashes before your next fill. Think triple the weight. You must keep these lashes extremely clean or we will switch down to a volume set to preserve the health of your naturals! :)

10. NO TALKING/HEADPHONE RULE - Put in your headphones. We can catch up and chat but once application starts, pop those suckers in. • WHY? Talking creates small movements, wiggles, and allows fumes to escape into your eyes. Tearing eyes will ruin your service! 

11. JUST SAY NO - NO GUM. NO CAFFEINE. NO PHONE CALLS. Caffeine causes fluttery eyes and makes lashing not only difficult, but sometimes impossible! Please put your phones on silent as well, you will NOT be able to open your eyes once the service has started and I will not read to you who is calling or messaging you. Not anymore! Phones awaaaay :) 

12. TIME - Full Sets, make sure you can lay VERY STILL for extended lengths without issue. Moving around as soon as you feel me not touching your face is NOT GOOD. I work off of the pillow you are laying on! Too much movement may prevent me from being able to lash. There is a bathroom across the hall but opening your eyes may hinder your service :) Remember to eat (you will get hungry), use the restroom (do NOT chug water! you will die) and bring something warm! Sleeping and snoring are very welcome!! 

13. FILL POLICY - It is required that you have at least 50% of your lashes in order to be considered a “fill”. If you book a fill and show up with less than that, there will be an upcharge of $30 added to the initial fill price. This does not mean you get more fill time. If you are missing too many, you will be charged for a full set. 

Helpful Hints 

• If it looks like you need a fill then you have waited too long ;) Lashes should look good all of the time! Just less full. 

• If you are missing more than 50% on only one eye you are still considered to be falling under the 50% Fill Rule. 

• Be careful about very outgrown lashes - these are removed at every fill and do not count as happy lashes that get to a part of the 50% team 

• Come with CLEAN LASHES 

14. 3 WEEK FILL POLICY - No fills may be booked over 3 weeks from their prior lash service. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you schedule ONE DAY over your 3 weeks, I will cancel your appointment and ask you to rebook for a Full Set. No matter how much I love you! I promise you that if I allowed that it will turn into a runaway train lol. Please pay attention to rescheduled fills as they may bump future fills out of this window. 

15. TOUCH UP FILLS - Touch up fills are available by REQUEST ONLY. Your next fill will still need to be fall in between 3 weeks from your prior fill. Touch up fills do not extend this time frame. They are an additional service that only fills in small gaps and imperfections. There is no removal of grown out extensions. If you came back over 3 weeks, despite being slightly filled in, there would be far too many grown out extensions to remove and replace and you would need a new set. 

*Please read "How to Schedule Your Fills" for an in-depth explanation of this :) 

16. REFUNDS + 2 DAY RETENTION RULE - There are no refunds on any services. If you are having any issues after your service with retention, please let me know within 2 DAYS. I will make any changes needed as long as you come see me within seven days from your appointment (we can work around hours). This is your window! If you choose to wait until your next fill then you are subject to normal fill policies. 

Please note that this does not bump out your 3 week rule and is treated as a free touch up. 

17. AFTERCARE RULES - I have an entire list of aftercare, safe to use products, and big eyelash no no’s right here on this site. Please please read it! By booking with me you are agreeing to follow these rules. Quick note. MASCARA - forever ruins extensions, it cannot be washed off and fixed. I will automatically remove your ruined set if I see evil mascara :) 

18. PRICING/POLICIES - Pricing and policies are subject to change at any time. Please keep yourself updated by checking this section for changes.